Posted on: May 24 2017

The 21 Worst Ways People Have Been Dumped



When you get dumped, you’re never like “hallelujah!” It’s usually a major bummer, ’cause honestly, who likes being dumped? NOBODY.

But when it comes to breaking up, there are a couple ways you’re expected to do it so that you’re not a complete asshole. Firstly, do it in person or, if you’re far away from each other, over the phone. Secondly, timing is key. Don’t do it on their birthday or any major holiday, or they day after they lose their job. And, finally, be nice about it, and don’t be a complete POS.

The following 21 people got dumped in the worst ways you could possibly imagine. The people that broke up with them clearly never heard of the crucial break up rules, and were complete ass holes about it.

These 21 people got dumped in the worst ways ever: