Posted on: Sep 22 2017

21 Times Karma Showed These People Not to Mess Around


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Whenever someone wronged me when I was younger, I always had that friend that would reassure me that they’ll get what’s coming to them. “Karma’s a b*tch,” they’d say as they’d let me cry on their shoulder. I always wanted to believe that the person who was so awful to me would get what’s coming to them.

And luckily, some times that does happen. The stars and planets align in your favor and that f*cker who broke your heart ends up getting his heart broken or the person that cut you off in the middle of traffic has been pulled over a little way’s down the road.

Then you can’t help but smile a little bit knowing that karma really did get the best of them. It’s what happens when sh*tty people decide to be even sh*ttier to people that don’t deserve their crap. Eventually, these people will get what’s coming to them and you’ll reap the benefits. Just remember not to be hotheaded and chase that f*cker down the freeway trying to get revenge because they’ll eventually get what’s coming to ’em. Sorry not sorry, boy bye.

These 21 people felt the wrath of karma:


I hit a guy with my car. He survived. Turns out that same guy was into some pretty heavy drugs and had recently stolen from a petrol station nearby.


I was with my ex for five years and was abusive as heck. I broke up with him but it turned out he was telling one girl that he wished she was me and telling another he was madly in love with her. I broke up with him but the madly in love one and him apparently were together for six months already. Towards valentine’s day his new girl calls me and starts asking “did he do this, did he do that?” I stayed unbiased and just told her what happened to me. He gets dumped on valentine’s day and blames it one hundred percent on me. It isn’t my fault his an abusive jerk who belittles the people he is with. Also far as I know now his nearing his 40s and alone.


It all happened in less than 10 seconds. Karma can act fast sometimes. A bromobile (big, black, raised truck) was speeding on the freeway and cut me off bigtime. About 50 yards ahead of me (and 2 lanes over, thank goodness) he collided with another bromobile making fast lane changes.


There was this girl in school I had a conflict with (she had been trying to sabotage my project), so I was pissed and bought some superglue planning to glue up her car’s key hole or something. I kept this tube of superglue in my coat pocket, but before I had the chance to carry out this evil deed, the tube broke and glued together all the other thingamajigs in there.