Posted on: Mar 19 2017

23 Craziest Things That Have Happened While Riding Public Transportation



Public transportation is incredibly essential. It gets you from point A to B quickly and you don’t have to spend much dough.

But although it’s a great deal, a lot of people avoid it because of the crazy sh*t that can go down. On a normal day you get hassled by people asking for money, or creepy dudes hitting on you.

And then there are the rough days that are totally out of the ordinary. You know the ones. The times where something completely INSANE happens to you on the subway or bus and you’re just like “is this real life?”

Sure, you may be shaken up for a little while, but eventually that traumatizing experience turns into your best story and becomes legendary.

So once horrible sh*t happens, take the time to process it, and then tell the world.. ’cause that was CRAY CRAY.

These 23 people experienced the craziest rides on public transportation: