Posted on: Jun 05 2017

23 Craziest Things Security Guards Have Witnessed On Camera



Not all security guards get to spend their days intimidating people or cracking down and catching bad guys. Sometimes, the job can get a little boring.

A lot of the job, at least for those operating from a security room, is just watching a screen and keeping an eye on the cameras. More often than not, it’s just boring things, and occasionally you’ll catch a shop lifter, or something along those lines.

Well, imagine that one day you see something absolutely wild? It would be a pretty great day on the job. You see a dude hiding drugs, people banging, or a guy take a dump on the floor. Sure, it’s ridiculously insane, but you’re day just got a whole lot more interesting.

The following security guards witnessed some wild things while they were watching the cameras. Some of these things are just too insane to believe. These security guards will definitely be telling these stories forever.. that’s for sure.

These 23 security guards saw the craziest things on their security camera: