Posted on: May 03 2017

23 Guys Confess The Creepiest Way A Woman Has Ever Hit On Them



The word “creeper” always seems to have a strong connotation with men, doesn’t it? And sure, while that slimy dude staring you down from across the club while biting his lip and grabbing his junk is definitely a bonafide creep — it doesn’t strictly pertain to one gender.

Ladies — when you’re feeling horny and need to get that sh*t in RIGHT NOW, you can do some pretty wild things to facilitate “the sex.” And I get it, you feel like you have all the power. Your tits are out, you’re smirking like your vagina depends on it, and you put your feelers out a little too long and sharp. But like, maybe don’t ask the guy at the bar if you can smell his ears and then bite his neck like you’re the next Edward Cullen. #TEAMJACOBTHO

The (literal) lay of the land when dating is weird AF, so it’s no surprise when things get a little too heated and a little too whacky. Just remember — the next time you’re on the prowl — make sure the person on the receiving end of your pheromones is just as DTF.

These 23 ladies took creeping to the next level when hitting on unsuspecting dudes: