23 People Admit The Worst Thing They’ve Done For A “Good” Reason

We’ve all done bad things before, but that doesn’t make us bad people. We make mistakes, we’re not perfect. So try not to beat yourself up over it.

But sometimes the bad things you do are for explainable and sometimes excellent reasons. You seek revenge, either behalf of yourself or someone else, and you’ve got to put someone in their place.

Sure, people say revenge is bad, but holy f*ck, that sh*t tastes so sweet! Seriously, payback may be a b*tch, but god, it’s marvelous! And seriously, more often than not, that mofo deserved it.. BIG TIME.

The following 23 people did really bad things, surely, but they were for good (or decent) reasons. We don’t recommend using some of these methods, but dang, they’re funny AF.

These 23 people did horrible things for a “good” reason: