Posted on: Mar 09 2017

23 People Confess The Biggest Thing They’ve Ever Gotten Away With


Have you ever gotten away with something so big and so crazy that you were left wondering — HOW THE F*CK DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN? There’s a certain thrill that goes along with deception, and sometimes, that deception remains your dirty little secret until the end of time because your lying, cheating a** never got caught. Props to you!

Like, we can’t all be Walter White in Breaking Bad seasons 1-4, but hell if we aren’t going to try! And okay, I guess most of us won’t get caught up in a meth dealing trifecta of death, deception, and money, but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t gotten away with some pretty crazy sh*t, amirite?

Maybe you made up an entire book report and bullsh*t your way through all of 8th grade. Or maybe things delve a bit deeper into deceit — like when you stole beaucoup money from your company of 25 years and they still have no effing idea. Thanks for the extra $100,000 boss!

These 23 people lied and cheated their way into glory and never got caught: