Posted on: Sep 08 2017

These 23 People Used These Ridiculous Reasons to Break Up with Their SO


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Breakups are rough, especially for the one who’s getting broken up with. Some times you see it coming but most times, you don’t see it coming at all. When it comes out of left field, you step back and start over analyzing every aspect of the relationship, trying to figure out where you went wrong.

Or maybe you don’t. Because your previous partner has decided to break up with you over a stupid as f*ck reason and you’re left completely dumbfounded. What do you do then? There’s no need to nitpick at every moment in your relationship, at least.

If someone breaks up with you because the stars told them to after taking a bunch of shrooms, then you’re probably better off. No one wants to f*ck with crazy like that, so they probably did you a huge favor. So, good riddance to the idiots that used stupid excuses to get out of relationships. You’ve got better things to worry about at this point, boy bye.

These 23 people got broken up with for stupid AF reasons:


Ouija board told her I wasn’t her soulmate.


Because I almost died in a motorcycle crash. Worst week of my life.


I had an Apple fangirl break up with me because I have an Android phone and I refused to switch. I thought she was kidding as well…