Posted on: Jul 12 2017

These 23 People Endured the Worst Kitchen Injuries


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Kitchens are dangerous, whether you’re at home or cooking in a restaurant. There’s a plethora of dangers that awaiting every corner. Watch out for mandolins, slicers, knives, fires, and just bumping into something you shouldn’t. Seriously, I’ve bumped into a walk-in door or almost fell over while climbing a rack to grab something (I’ve done my time as the shortest cook in a restaurant kitchen back in the day).

One night, after a busy service, I almost sliced my ring finger off while trying to prep some butter lettuce for an order. F*cking butter lettuce, yo. Can you believe it? I wasn’t paying attention and almost lost a finger. Luckily enough, I only left the ER with a few stitches and a damaged ego. I’ve got sugar burns up and down my arms to prove my time in pastry as well.

Some people aren’t so lucky, from losing tips of their fingers to losing their fingerprints for a bit or serious third-degree burns. Soft avocado pits can be insanely dangerous and a dull knife in the kitchen will forever be your worst enemy, that’s for sure.

These 23 people have endured some insane kitchen mishaps:


I was using my new mandolin last night to slice apples and I lost a huge chunk of skin off one finger and a nail off the other.


Pouring caramel into a baking dish. Poured out all over myself because I’m a clumsy idiot. Luckily, my dad was in the kitchen, saw it, and threw me in the pool. It was October, and it was freezing, but I don’t have any scars from it.


I was working in a steak house in FL, one of those toss yer peanuts on the floor kinda deals, and during a rush, stupidly grabbed a plate from under the salamander. It slid out of my grasp melting the shit out of my fingertips, and I lost my fingerprints for a while.


My ex-husband sliced the palm of his hand cutting a bagel. Required surgery to fix the tendons. But he still ate the damn bagel on the way to the ER. Blood and all.