Posted on: Aug 10 2017

23 of the Strangest Methods People Used to Try to Turn Someone On



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Got someone you want to bang? Looking for a way to turn them on? Tired of the old tried and true methods? Well, look no further! We’ve got 23 methods you have to try!

But wait! There’s a slight catch. You see, these methods are a bit out of the ordinary, some might even say weird as f*ck. Side effects may include freaking the hell out of your partner, embarrassing yourself, and killing boners/drying up coot coots.

But there are perks as well! That weird method could lead to some hilarious sex, and an awesome time full of laughs (perhaps at your expense). So just go for it! Take a cue from these 23 methods and take the silly road down to pound town.

These 23 people tried strange methods to turn someone on:




Long after the honeymoon phase wore off, my girlfriend often took to just saying “Do you wanna have sex?” While it always made me laugh, I asked her if she could maybe be a bit more romantic about it. I’d meant, you know, kiss me or something, act like you’re actually into me. Her response was to, next time, look at me earnestly and say “Do you wanna make love?” I laughed ’til I cried then clarified what I’d meant.


Asked my girlfriend at the time to say something dirty to me while we were getting started. So she climbs on my lap, we make out, she’s grinding on my lap, she kisses her way from my mouth along my jaw and up to my earlobe, then sexily whispered into my ear “I don’t know what to say.” I’m talking full on dirty talk voice. I honestly think she thought something would come to her by the time she got there. I laughed so hard she got mad at me and we didn’t have sex.


After reading strange facts and learning a vagina can smell and somewhat taste like what the women has eaten recently, later that night in bed my girlfriend said I bet my pussy tastes like nachos. We laughed it off and then got to business.