Posted on: Feb 14 2017

23 Times People Took Truth Or Dare Way Too Far


Truth or dare? A milestone game of secrets and debauchery for any adolescent, teen, or adult. And let’s be real — the older you get, the more drunk and sexual the game becomes. Orgies, anyone?

While the truth or dare of yore pushes your boring friend to ding dong ditch the neighbor, the game has now evolved into a raucous party where dudes lick peanut butter off of tits and you get dared to blow Kool-Aid out of your a**hole. How people come up with some of this stuff, we’ll never know.

So the next time you and your friends are sitting around bored, tipsy, and horny — just remember that you’re one truth or dare away from streaking through campus, breaking and entering, or f*cking your crush in front of seven of your closest pals.

These 23 people took truth or dare to the absolute extreme and the results are shocking: