Posted on: May 12 2017

23 Unfit Parents That Gave Their Kids The Most Regrettable Names



Parents may not realize it in the heat of the moment, but the name you give your child will affect them for the rest of their lives. The safe bet is to name your child something generic, or even check out that book of popular baby names and pick one at random.

But some parents decide that they want to get creative and give their child a unique name. Perhaps some of them are coming from a good place, and just want to help their child stand out from the crowd. But, most of the time, this completely backfires.

You see, names like Apple, Blanket, and North may sound “cool” when the celebrities do it, but in reality, you’re setting your kid up for a life of ridicule. So please, for the love of god, don’t name your child Bagel or Princess.

Just don’t be like the following parents. They gave their children the most insane names, and “Shorley” (lol you’ll get that joke soon) will live to regret it.

These 23 horrible parents gave their kids the worst names imaginable: