Posted on: May 17 2017

25 Brutally Honest & Cynical Illustrations Of Our Modern World


In a modern world driven by technology, weighed down by incessant swiping and posting and selfie taking, it’s sometimes easy to get swept away in a bitter swirl of 21st century sludge. A vast majority of people eat like sh*t, many of us live paycheck to paycheck, and we tend to be really hard on ourselves. We see others succeeding in their bright and shiny social media profiles, and we wonder why we can’t get to that same level.

Cue Eduardo Salles — the Mexico City born mastermind behind these riveting and brutally honest depictions of such a world. In his series of cheeky illustrations from his website, Cinismo Ilustrado, he explores the blunt and cynical nature of humans in a modern society. We laugh at the images because they ring true, but we also laugh uncomfortably because they force us to take a long hard look at what’s wrong with ourselves and the society that conditioned us to be so gahddamn wrapped up in appearances.

Salles pokes at our insecurities and translates those insecurities to a world scale. When it comes to dating, we’re f*cked. When it comes to dieting, we’re fucked. When it comes to our obsessive need for screens and fake friends on the internet and our impending loneliness and doom — we are f**********cked.

These 25 thought provoking illustrations will hit you straight in the gut:

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