Posted on: May 25 2017

25 Children of Helicopter Parents Admit The Most Horrible Thing They Were Put Through



Not all parents are the same. Few manage to hit that perfect balance of cool and stern, and usually are more-so one or the other.

And when it comes to parents, you really want to get that balance. A parent that let’s you do whatever you want and isn’t around much just kind of blows, and you tend to feel neglected. But a parent that is around 24/7 can be hella controlling and completely suffocating.

But, if you had a choice, most people would rather have a parent that gives them too much space. Imagine having a mom or dad that is constantly in your face, and tries to control every aspect of your life. It sounds like the absolute worst scenario.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have parents like this, or helicopter parents. They cross the line between active parent and insanely controlling. These parents invade their child’s privacy, and attempt to make all the decisions for them. It’s really no way to live.

These 25 people endured the worst sh*t from their helicopter parents: