Posted on: Mar 11 2017

25 Couples Confess The Grossest Thing They Do With Their SO


There comes a certain point in any relationship when farts start flying out of your bum hole freely, your blackheads are fair game for picking, and it’s weird if you’re NOT together while one of you is taking a pee.

Couples do some nasty sh*t, but when you love your significant other unequivocally, their gross habits become that of butterflies and rainbows and puppies. Just make sure you check yourself before embarking on a pimple popping mission if y’all are around other people. Please, for all of our sakes, just do that sh*t in the privacy of your own home.

And okay, not all couples call each other into the bathroom to look at each other’s poops, but if you do — you may have found true love.

These 25 couples pop their partner’s pimples, stare at each other’s dirty Q-tips, and pick lint out of their bellybuttons together: