Posted on: May 31 2017

25 Millennials Confess The Sluttiest Thing They’ve Ever Done


Listen up, gang. There ain’t no shame in the game in being a slut. Slut shaming is SO 2004, anyway. Like, humans are horny, magical, sexual, kinky creatures and when people try to box that magic up and use cutting insults to mask one’s own insecurity — the world becomes a darker, more toxic place.

Millennials are a pretty woke generation. We also like to f*ck. So it’s no surprise that the generation who grew up with internet porn knows how to blow their load without shame. Tinder and other dating apps make it easier than ever to boink on the go, so millennials basically have sex at their fingertips from the swipe of a thumb.

In a world of sexual enlightenment and golden promiscuity — wave your freak flag high and be proud of your slutty past accomplishments. I mean, if everyone involved was a consenting, DTF adult, then there are no problems, fam. Haters always gonna hate, but don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being the horny, magical creature that you are!

These 25 millennials reveal the sluttiest thing they’ve ever done: