Posted on: May 29 2017

25 People Confess The Most Ignorant Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them


Ignorance is bliss, right? Sure, for those who live merrily in the dark without any will to understand the world better. But let me tell you — it sure is hell for the rest of us who can’t help but roll our eyes and cringe whenever they say something so ridiculously out of touch, rude, and disrespectful. But alas — we live in America and people say some pretty ignorant and stupid sh*t. These days, it’s hard to stay sane on social media. Like, no Aunt Karen — my Asian girlfriend doesn’t speak Asian and you’re a huge, ignorant twat.

Maybe it was that bro from your high school that thought solar panels were dumb and that we should just find a plug long enough to reach the sun. DUH! What have we been doing all of these years?! Thanks for the pro tip, dude. It’s scary to think that bro is probably your state representative right now. Yikes.

Or maybe it was your despicable coworker that you waited tables with. Every time someone in a wheelchair came to dine, she’d spew her insensitive dribble while you tried your damndest not to slap her up side the head. I mean, maybe we SHOULD be slapping these dimwitted cretins lest we continue the cycle of public stupidity.

These are 25 of the most ignorant statements that have ever been uttered: