Posted on: Aug 10 2017

25 People Confess The Most Toxic Communities They’ve Been A Part Of



I was in inpatient treatment for anorexia a few years ago, and the level of subtle competition between patients to be “the sickest” was ridiculous. We periodically had to go around in group to answer various prompts given by the therapist, and it was like everyone carefully crafted their response to appear the most desperately ill of the lot. Jenny says she’s couldn’t eat sweets because she’s afraid of sugar? Then you better bet Molly was afraid of fruits because of their sugar content and Amy water fasted for 20 days because all foods have sugar and that was so terrifying she couldn’t eat anything. One girl puts down her fork in dinner and starts crying because she can’t handle eating anything else? At least 4 other girls are going to do the same. Then, of course the constant game of “who’s been hospitalized the most number of times” because for some sick reason that’s a sign of superiority. God only knows what it would have been like if we were allowed to discuss weight.


Student debating society. I just wanted to debate stuff, I didn’t realize that a prerequisite for being involved in student debating is being literally the worst people ever.


Jehovah’s Witnesses. Born and raised. Childhood deprived of making non-JW friends, after school sports, mature games and movies, and sleeping in Saturday mornings. Had to go doorknocking instead. Now I’m trying to leave the cult and I’m on the verge of getting kicked out, labeled an “apostate” and losing my family and all the friends I’ve ever known.


I used to lurk this forum called Guru Gossiper, it’s just a bunch of people obsessed with trash talking youtubers, particularly beauty gurus. I stopped reading once I realized it only made me mad to see how intense those people were about other people’s lives.


I was a band director for a decade. I’ll always be passionate about the importance of the arts in school, but these people think they’re martyrs for the cause or something. They’re anti sports and often look down on kids who choose sports instead of Music. They think the rest of the school should bow down to them. They think the arts are more important than anything else in school. Also, most of the ones around here are divorced or never married because they’re so absorbed in being a respected band director that it’s all they do. It’s kind of sad.