Posted on: Aug 20 2017

These 25 People Forgave their Significant Others for Saying Stupid Things


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When you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, everything seems to fall into place. The stars are aligned, you finish each other’s sentences, and you can’t wait until you see them again. It all seems too good to be true but the reality of it is that we’re human and we make tons of mistakes.

So, once the honeymoon phase is over, that’s when you really get to know each other. You figure out that neither one of you is perfect and you keep learning how to adapt to each other day by day. You can’t fault them for not knowing simple geography and questioning what countries surround Germany or if they take forever to add the tip plus total amount correctly.

It’s human nature and some times, we have brain farts. These brain farts can certainly be forgivable if they’re committed by a partner that you love, though. There’s plenty of time to learn new (or old) things over the course of a relationship. Once, I struggled with chemistry homework in college and my boyfriend at the time peered over my shoulder to help me out with “dimensional analysis homework from high school”. Thanks, dude. At least I learned some basic high school chemistry science in that relationship. That failed relationship taught certainly taught me more than that but we can save that for another day. Learn to pick and choose what the deal breakers are in a partner but don’t hold brain farts against them.

These 25 people forgave their significant other for stupid things they’ve said:


Reminds me of a buddy who’s wife didn’t know that cows came in colors other than black and white. This is the same woman who read a work application and saw a question regarding resident aliens. She asked later if there really were aliens…


My wife is taking an online IQ test. While reading one of the questions she says to me, “The person that wrote this test is retarded. They misspelled ‘story’. This question starts with ‘Susan was reading a story’ but they left the ‘E’ out of story. It’s spelled s-t-o-r-e-y, right?”


“What’s the big deal about nuclear energy? We should just use the electricity coming out of the wall!” My first wife (now divorced), honestly, she’s actually quite brilliant in a LOT of ways….just not about energy generation.


My wife calls me from work and tells me that she thinks we should join AA. Now I have a beer on occasion but I wouldn’t say I have a problem and my wife hardly drinks at all so I ask her why. She says “You know if we have a flat tire or something”. I’m laughing and tell her that she meant AAA (triple A) and the AA is Alcoholics Anonymous. She tells me that she had been saying that to people at work all day and they had been giving her strange looks.