Posted on: Jan 17 2017

These 25 People Are Obsessed With Pizza



Dear Pizza Gods (Italians), THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously.. cheese, tomato sauce, bread.. you guys are f*cking geniuses. I wish I thought of it.

Seriously dough (lol, get it?), pizza is so wonderful and it can turn any bad day into a day of warm cheese-filled bliss. Just that word pizza is enough to make a true lover of za cum instantly (guilty as charged).

Some of us take our love of pizza a little further than most. We have pizza phone cases, a freezer full of frozen pizza bites, and our local pizza place on speed dial. We ain’t f*ckin’ around.

So if you are a true lover of the food of the gods, then you understand where these pizza-obsessed fiends are coming from. Put your saucy paws up if you believe in da cheese and F the haters <3

These 25 people love pizza more than life itself: