Posted on: Apr 23 2017

25 People Reveal The Creepiest Kids They Went to School With



There’s always that one creepy weirdo in your class. The dude who says weird sh*t, or picks his nose and eats the boogers. Sometimes those strange creepers are easy to spot, but sometimes they’re right under your nose.

And some of these weirdos aren’t your run of the mill nutbags. Sometimes, they are just young kiddos you went to school with in Elementary, and maybe ended up turning into normal people. But if these people are high school creepy mofos, then chances are they were still creepy when they grew up.

And some people go far beyond weird and creepy and are just plain dangerous. Like talk about mass shootings, write hit lists, and bring weapons to school dangerous. If you had to deal with that sh*t back in the day, I am truly sorry.

These are the 25 creepiest classmates imaginable: