25 Things More Girls Need To Start Doing In Bed

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Is there something you wish people did that they don’t? Not just in your everyday life, but bedroom specific. Like, do you wish there was a finger in the butt more often, or a little more foreplay?

We all have things we wish people would do more in the sack, it’s inevitable, since we all have different banging styles and turn-ons. But sometimes there are things a hell of a lot of people don’t do that they really should. And this applies to both men and women.

But for the purpose of this post, let’s just focus on things women don’t do in the bedroom as much as they should. So, according to these 25 dudes, these are the main things women need to do more in the sack. Ladies, time to take note, and head some of this advice.

Girls need to start doing these 25 things more in bed:


I had a one night stand with a girl in LA who did this thing where she could… make herself tighter, and sort of “grab” my dick while I was inside her. It was completely f*cking amazing. Never met anyone before or since who did that.


Take my clothes off for me.


Realize that porn boners are propped up by a f*ck ton of viagra and we need some stimulation too. My biggest turn on is when a girl tells me what she likes about what I’m doing and participates, “it feels so good when you do x” or running your hands through my hair/wrapping your legs around my head while I’m doing my thing downstairs. If you just lay there it feels super rapey and turns me off to the point where I can’t even get it up. It’s supposed to be an intimate act that brings you together, if you’re not enjoying it neither will I.


Don’t wait until the vast dead of night to decide you want sex. Especially on a weeknight where I’m getting up at 5am to head to work. If you wait until I’m dead freaking tired, yeah I’m going to be tired and possibly uninterested.


The very first girl I slept with would always kiss my forehead after I finished. It was so sweet and caring and made me feel good. No other girl has done that to me since.

Written by Alex Cogen

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