Posted on: Mar 11 2017

If Your SO Does These 25 Things, They’re Probably Not “The One”


Infatuation, love, lust — they blind us to a lot of things when in a relationship. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, years, and even decades to realize that the person we’ve been f*cking, sharing a life and playing house with is, in fact, not the right one for us.

Other times, the red flags are huge gaping sores of manipulation, insecurity, and greed. Like when your girlfriend tells you that you can’t go back to school because “WHO WILL HELP TAKE CARE OF THE BABY?!” Uh, you have only been dating 3 weeks and have zero kids (or time for that sh*t).

Take a cue from these 25  people and realize when you need to cut those crazies loose. You only have one life to live (#YOLO) so don’t waste your time with annoying people who suck your soul dry. BYE FELICIA!

If your SO is doing any of these crazy, disturbing, and unimaginable things — they definitely aren’t “the one”: