Posted on: Oct 01 2017

27 Adults Admit Their Biggest Regrets From When They Were Teens




Not trying in high school. I’m 30 now and doing ok for myself but I wonder what could have been if I applied myself.


Staying inside looking at boobs half the time. I should’ve been looking at boobs the other half too.


Starting smoking. Wish I never touched the stuff.


Saw It last night and despite literally being 13 in 1989, I didn’t have any grand, bicycle style adventures with my buddies. Spoiler Alert: I was like the fat kid in the movie who hung out at the library all summer instead. Only I never did make friends in the end like him.


Leaving the girl I was with when I was 18 to chase after another. I had something really special there and I threw it away because I was thinking with my crotch. I’ve never been able to recapture anything like it. I have no idea where it would have gone if I had stuck around, if we’d still be together or not, but I would have liked to have found out. I still miss that person.