Posted on: Apr 20 2017

27 Of The Most Depressing Celebrity Encounters



When it comes to celebrities, we tend to forget that they are just human beings. Sure, they are plastered on magazines and seemingly live inside your television, but behind that screen, they’re just people.

So when we approach them and expect the perfect encounter, we are relying on the fact that we think of them as these otherworldly beings, so they must be pleasant and kind. We also expect them to be nice because we are clearly fans, we buy their products, thus we believe we deserve their respect.

But, again, THEY ARE HUMANS. They have bad days, they have health issues, and they have personal problems you may not know about – BECAUSE YOU DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW THEM, even if you think you do. So when a celebrity isn’t exactly what you expected, remember that they’ve got issues too.

The following people had pretty depressing celebrity encounters. Whether the celebrity offended the fan, or the celebrity is dealing with their own sh*t, these interactions were definitely not ideal.

These are the 27 most depressing celebrity encounters: