Posted on: May 02 2017

27 Guys Confess The One Thing Girls Do That Melts Their Heart


There’s nothing quite like cuddling up to your significant other on a cold night, your head resting perfectly in their chest nook while staring up at them like you’ve just found out you won free Chipotle for the rest of your life. Love is grand, y’all. And there are some little things that make a dude melt like the puddle of gooey goo that he is.

Who said men have to be the ones to create romance and affection. Those are utterly ancient norms and I say we should all just go around trying to make our loved ones feel as appreciated and warm as possible. And if that means writing stupid little post-it notes of adoration that you’re friends and coworkers make fun of you for, then f*ck em! You’re the one that’s going to get laid tonight.

Warm up those jetpacks ladies and get ready to big spoon like you’ve never big spooned before! Real men can get sappy AF, so if you really want to give him that sh*t eating grin, scratch the back of his neck, hug him from behind, and hold his hand like the cheeseball that you are. Or, if all else fails, dudes LOVE blow jobs. That’ll melt his heart (and d*ck) for sure.

Ladies — try one of these 27 things and you’re sure to melt your man’s heart: