Posted on: Nov 14 2017

27 Incredible Once In a Lifetime Coincidences


Image via Giphy

Call it what you want — fate, luck, an unexplainable coincidence— but there are some moments in life that seem to defy all odds and logic. When things happen that can’t exactly be worked out in your head using your very sound and not at all erratic reasoning, you start to wonder if there could be some supernatural powers at play. I’ve seen every episode of The X Files, and the truth is motherf*cking out there, y’all.

Maybe you were out birdwatching (like all millennials do, duh) and a bird lands right on its own picture in your handy dandy bird book. Okay, so maybe they just thought it was a real bird and they were trying to get freaky with it — but I’m going to assume that there were some magical inklings at play. Or maybe sh*t got all LOST on you and you ended up running a marathon where your number, finishing time, your hometown zip code, and the amount of people you’ve banged in your lifetime were all magically the same. John Locke would be very proud.

So the next time you take a picture with total perfect timing or notice something astonishingly related that came out of nowhere, just remember to relish in the moment because these instances don’t occur very often. And don’t forget to record it so people like us on the internet can ogle your discoveries! Thanks in advance.

These 27 things happened against all odds and you will be shocked AF:

1. This bird landing on a page about itself:

2. What are the odds?

“20 years ago I went to an air show with my Grandpa and Uncle. One of the aircraft I sat in was the OH58 Kiowa. This was the day that I decided that I wanted to be a pilot. Today while looking through some old photos I found the picture below of me sitting in the Kiowa. I thought it was cool because that’s what I’ve been flying the past month. Upon arriving to the airfield today I asked operations if they have ever had a Kiowa with the tail number listed on the aircraft that I sat in when I was eight years old. (What are the chances right?) They looked it up and not only had they once had that aircraft there, but it was sitting on the ramp. I went out and took a picture with it and realized that I had actually been flying that specific Kiowa this past month. Twenty years later I am flying the exact aircraft that helped spark my dream to fly.”

3. A once in a lifetime picture!

4. A dog that gave birth to three puppies, each with their own corresponding number on their back.

5. A close call.

Maybe the tree took it easy on the car because it was such a pretty leaf green color?

6. These mountains and trees lined up perfectly on this camper on the highway.