Posted on: Jul 07 2017

25 New Yorkers Confess the Craziest Things They Saw On the Subway


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Ahhh, New York City: the concrete jungle, where dreams are made of. If you make it here you can make it anywhere, right? They don’t let you on the unknown hazing that you have to go through to become a full-bread New Yorker, thought. The damn subway. You ever wonder why MTA employees are never friendly? Or why no one really wants to speak to you on their morning commute to work?

They’ve all seen things! The craziest and most unbelievable things have happened on the New York City subway. Basically, the worst of humanity is witnessed underground. From Queens to Brooklyn, the subway is where locals aren’t fazed by kids trying to make some extra money with breakdance routines and know not to enter the empty subway car. New Yorkers just know all the in’s and out’s of commuting in the city.

These following people aren’t f*cking around, they’ve seen some ridiculous sh*t. If you didn’t know, now you know, like Brooklyn legend, Biggie said.


two homeless dudes having a pull up contest at 3 AM. It wasn’t really bizarre, it was pretty dope. I was pretty drunk, but I remember they both did at least 30


While riding the L train in NYC I witnessed a man yelling at the top of his lungs at an elderly latina woman and her grand children telling her he would murder her. A guy stood up for her and the man returned with, “SIT THE FUCK DOWN WHITEY. I JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL AND I WILL RAPE YOU.”


Saw a man high on cocaine run onto the tracks, chase a rat towards an oncoming train, and hop outa the way just in time


My friend saw someone chewing on their toenails on a New York subway. And lick the pole.


I looked up from my phone one fine evening and a man was DRY SHAVING his face with a cheap razor. He would look in the reflection of his phone and blow the dry hairs out every few strokes…