Posted on: Apr 06 2017

27 People Reveal Their Most Disturbing Realizations


It’s definitely easier going through life with the wool pulled over our eyes, but who says life should be easy? We grow up, we change, and we start realizing that things aren’t going to be as easy or wonderful as they appeared to be when we were younger.

Our idols change, our parents become older, and the shiny and uninhibited ignorance that once graced our petite minds starts to dwindle. We come to realize that our parents will indeed die one day, that the people we once looked up to with the greatest fervor now disappoint us, and that some people are, in fact, just using us to get ahead.

Maybe you realize that you’re not actually going to achieve something great. Or perhaps you realize that you’re “that friend” who only gets called when everyone else is busy. Sometimes, realizations are hard to swallow, but the older we get, the more we look deep inside ourselves, the more we can understand and accept the crazy sh*t that is thrown our way.

These 27 people got the biggest reality check of their lives when uncovering their deepest and darkest realizations: