Posted on: Apr 01 2017

These 27 People Went Wild After Exploring Their Sexuality



It hard to get yourself out of your comfort zone. You’re adjusted to a certain way of life, and anything out of your scope of ordinary can be absolutely terrifying.

But you truly benefit from stepping over that comfortable line and into dangerous territory, especially when it comes to sex. Maybe you’ve been just doing the vanilla thing for a while, and want to try a few new positions, or you’re already a little kinky but there’s one thing you’ve been putting off for some time.

Well, why not go for it? Try anal for the first time, or go down the S&M road. You can’t really knock it till you’ve tried it! Be like the Biebs and never say never.

The following 27 stepped out of their sexual comfort zones and all thanked their lucky stars. Each person found something new they loved, and will never look back. SO JUST DO IT.

These 27 people broadened their sexual horizons and loved it: