Posted on: Sep 09 2017

27 Problem Children Ruined Ridiculously Expensive Things



Image via Popkey
Image via PopKey

When your kids are young, you expect them to mess sh*t up. I’m not a parent, and even I know that. They haven’t learned all that much yet, so they don’t really know wtf they’re doing.

So you expect juice on your expensive carpet and poop on your sofa, it’s kind of inevitable. But then they start destroying your extra valuable items, and although your kid is cute AF, you want to punt that little mofo.

And then they grow up, and you’re like PHEW out of the woods. Well, not quite. Your kids will never stop ruining your stuff. I REPEAT, IT WILL NEVER STOP! Your toddler will put magnets on your tv, your tween will drop your phone in the toilet, and your teenager will throw parties and crash your car.

So just prepare for years of your sh*t getting ruined, as shown by these 27 parents. No matter what age, their kids ruined their valuable items. Perhaps, one day, they will forgive them. LOL YEAH RIGHT.

These 27 children ruined some of their parents’ most valuable items:


When I was a kid, my mother lost her diamond wedding ring. She was devastated. A decade later, while cleaning things up for a garage sale, we found it jammed in the toilet of my Barbie house.


The stereo in our minivan quit working. After a little troubleshooting, we found 25 pennies shoved in the CD slot.


I’m not a parent, but my younger sister somehow managed to ruin all the plumbing in one of the bathrooms of our house. The same sister also backed a golf cart into an AC unit that had to be completely replaced. It wasn’t our AC unit or our golf cart. She’s also managed to ruin the engines of 3 separate cars. My great grandfather used to say my mom could break a crowbar, and that saying has now been passed down to my sister.


20 years ago my friend’s young son was making puzzles and he cut up his father’s original Star Wars a New Hope 1977 poster. His father told me he had to shrug it off because his son didn’t know any better. Best punishment served cold – the son is now a young Star Wars fan and he would do anything to own that poster he himself ruined.