Posted on: May 19 2017

27 Things Millennials Are Secretly Ashamed Of



Millennials are in a tough spot. We’re in the midst of our turbulent 20s and early 30s. We’re somewhere between wanting to travel the world, settle down, f*ck our way through Tinder, and focus on our careers. We’ve spent our whole lives being told by society how we should live and how we’re doing things slightly differently, so it’s no surprise when we end up feeling anxious, ashamed, and apathetic.

Many of us feel lost and out of control when comparing ourselves to others — especially those who seem to have it “together” — whatever that means. In a world of social media FOMO, it’s hard to keep your chin up. We focus on our faults and how we should’ve-could’ve-would’ve.

Maybe you’re ashamed of the way you treated your parents while growing up. Or maybe, after years of self-loathing and deprecation, you’re ashamed of your body and drinking habits. Shame is one of the sh*ttiest feelings to have, but sometimes you can’t help but hold your head and reflect on all of your mistakes.

Poor eating habits, judgmental attitudes, laziness, sh*tty relationships — these 27 millennials admit what they’re ashamed of most: