Posted on: Aug 07 2018

28 ‘Thanks For Coming To My Ted Talk Tweets’ Funnier And More Informative Than An Actual Ted Talk

Ok, no lie, Ted Talks are the best. But sometimes, listening to a 20-30 minute talk in order to feel less garbage about yourself is simply implausible. You just don’t have the time.

So, in the interest of conserving your time, we’ve compiled a wide range of informative tweets that are essentially a Ted Talk, but in 280 characters or less. We do it because we love you <3


27. On day drinking:

26. On consensual sex:

25. On ABBA:

24. On nomenclature:

23. On being a hater:

22. On those tiny water cups:

21. On breakups:

20. On bad film girls in white:

19. On the actual best Hollywood Chris:

18. On unwanted physical attention: