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  • 18 People Who Went To Amazing Lengths To Get Their Rocks Off

    When you’re in the mood to get down to pound town, sometimes, you’ll do just about anything to get off. Sure, you can take five and work yourself solid – but other people grave some outside, human physical contact. And, they’ll do some hella ridiculous things to get it. Just ask the people of Reddit, […] More

  • 29 People Reveal The Darkest Family Secrets They Ever Uncovered

    Each of our families have their little secrets. Mom was engaged before meeting Dad, your cousin got busted for selling drugs, etc. However, these folks have family skeletons in their closets that could and should be made into full-length Lifetime original movies. Seriously, go grab some popcorn before diving in. 1. That is a lot of […] More

  • 26 Crazy Exes Share The Truth Behind Their Crazy Label

    Most of us have exes that we’re pretty glad are no longer in our lives. Heck, a few of us might just be that ex. No judgement here. Still, a problem with modern dating that each person in a broken relationship is able to spin whatever tale they want to about the other person, potentially […] More

  • 23 Of The Funniest Tweets Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed

    I don’t like to throw around terms like “hilarious” or “funniest” all willy nilly. I stand by my selections like a mother stands by her very large son and refuse to hear of them slandered or put down in any way. If you don’t find yourself chuckling, chortling, or cackling at any one of these […] More

  • 19 Totally Clueless Selfies That’ll Make You Say ‘Bless Your Heart’

    People have never been smart. It’s a complete wonder how, when stacked up against tigers and bears and octopi, we’ve inexplicably made it to the top of the food chain. However, thanks to the Internet, we have constant reminders that our dominion over this planet is actually a complete fluke. But before you place your […] More

  • 30 Pregnant Ladies Who Are Halloween Goals AF

    To any pregnant ladies out there who actually put in the time and effort to create a Halloween costume— I salute you. Seeing as I’m the type of person who is startled every year of my existence that it’s already Halloween, I generally throw together something lickety-split and this is how I’ve end up a cat for […] More

  • 21 Unbearably Cute Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon

    Every year, I’ve found that dressing my dog up for Halloween is infinitely more entertaining than finding a costume for myself. Dogs look adorable in pretty much everything—except maybe those terrifying spider costumes that are way too realistic. Since our favorite spooky holiday is only a few weeks away, we’ve rounded up some of the […] More

  • 22 Incredibly Useful Products That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

    It’s no secret that life is full of little annoyances that can add up to one overwhelmingly unnecessary headache. From messy unorganized drawers that make it impossible to find the one thing you need to burning yourself on the straightener again because there’s not enough room in the bathroom, and don’t even get me started on […] More

  • 20 Hilarious Tweets About Shopping At Costco You Can Laugh At In Bulk

    The first time you walk into a Costco is a magical experience. Everything is huge and out there – the bare essence of product, available for you to purchase so, so, SO much of. It’s basically heaven on earth, until you find you’ve spent two hundred dollars. Although you probs got $500 worth of stuff, […] More

  • 20+ Texts That Are Actually Worth Posting A Screen Shot Of

    Posting a screen shot of a conversation you have with your best friend on Instagram is fun, but most people will have no idea what you’re talking about. Inside jokes don’t go over well! I’m sorry, but it’s true. No one cares that you and your bestie call pizza ‘za.’ They scroll on by and […] More

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