Posted on: Mar 02 2017

These 29 Angry People Raged Out Over The Smallest Things


Sometimes, when you’re just minding your own business, trying to live your gahd-damn life in peace, little things happen that send you into an uncontrollable rage. Like, when bae insists on ordering the salad and then eats all of your fries. Not today, biatch.

Oh, did you bite your cheek while innocently eating a falafel during lunch? Well, your rage meter is about to hit 99.9999999. Did you just get accused of something you 100% didn’t do but no one believes you? Have fun blowing steam out of your ears for the rest of the day.

Learning how to control your anger is something all of humanity should work on, but sometimes it’s easy (and a little bit fun) to blow the f*ck up. But I mean, if everyone just knew how to be chill and reasonable, we wouldn’t have to rage out like a bro on roids.

Don’t piss these 29 people off because they might go all Hulk Hogen on your a**: