Posted on: May 20 2017

29 People Confess The Ridiculous Misconceptions They Had About Sex Before Losing Their Virginity


Without comprehensive sex education in schools, kids are left to fend for themselves when it comes to figuring out how the birds and the bees work. They rely on their older brother’s friend, Tad, their equally misinformed classmates, and the always truthful (HA) internet. It’s fun to scoff and mock the ignorant, but it’s less funny when you’re gettin’ busy with a girl and she thinks that a blow job is literally blowing air onto a d*ck. Sorry — this isn’t nail polish, Becky.

And while porn is more prevalent than ever, sexually inexperienced people are still misinformed when it comes to bumpin’ uglies. It turns out, a dude can’t just stick his throbbing monster cock in a woman’s vageen and make her come by pressing a magic button. As much as porn makes you think it’s that easy, any woman can tell you — that sh*t ain’t simple.

We can’t fault the youths for being ridiculously off the mark when it comes to sex, but we can still laugh at their embarrassing thought processes. Shouts out to the dude who thought sex was just inserting your penis into the vagina while laying there without thrusting.

These 29 people had the most hilarious misconceptions about sex when they were still virgins: