Posted on: Feb 25 2017

29 Petty People Reveal The Shallow Reasons They Turned Someone Down


They say love is blind — but for these shallow peeps, it really isn’t. Some dudes just can’t date a girl with the same name as their mother. Or GAWD forbid a girl with a weak chin starts chattin’ them up. I mean, they just need a partner in life that can fold a towel, nah mean?

And ladies — I see you, too. Maybe you can’t commit to a guy because he says “lololol” and uses emojis like the english language is going out of style. And to be fair, for anyone born before ’85, it kind of is. What would life be like without the peach (bum) emoji?! I shudder at the thought.

These deal breakers may be shallow and ridiculous to most people, but they are the real gahd-damn deal for the petty people of the world.

These 29 people have some crazy high standards and aren’t afraid to dump someone for falling short: