Posted on: Mar 29 2017

31 People Admit To Nasty Things They Do On The Reg



Ever take a minute to think about the things we do daily without blinking an eye? Things that are so routine, that they are practically second nature and seem insignificant?

If you think about it, some of the normal things we do daily aren’t actually that normal, we just normalize them. And some of those things you do daily are actually kind of nasty if you really think about it.

Seriously, we do gross sh*t everyday without even realizing it. We drink milk, poop into bowls of water, and kiss people with mouths full of germs. I bet if you think of anything you do daily, you can make it gross. Like, you’re touching a phone or computer right now, have you washed that sh*t recently?

Sorry if the following things make you think a little too much about germs and how gross human beings are, but really though WE NASTY. If you want to remain in your clean little bubble, maybe don’t read the following shiz (be brave, just do it).

These 31 confess the nasty sh*t they do on the reg: