Posted on: Aug 29 2017

These 31 Sex-Ed Teachers Gave Students Completely False Information



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Sex education is supposed to help teach young adults about safe sex in a safe and helpful environment. Although some schools out there teach abstinence only education (ugh) or just don’t have decent sex-ed programs, the ones that do should only be helping, right?

Well, not always. You see, some teachers aren’t being all that helpful. And it’s not always a lack of interest or that they’re just pissed that they have to teach an additional class (I see you Coach Carr). Nah, some are shitty sex-ed teachers because they know jack sh*t about sex.

Whether due to trouble talking about sex with teens or pure stupidity, some sex-ed teachers tell their students totally false information about sex, STDs, contraception, and bodily functions. It’s actually pretty astounding that there are adults that don’t know this information, let alone teachers being PAID to tell students this essential info.

Well, that’s exactly what happens, especially in the case of these 31 sex-ed teachers. Seriously, I can’t believe these people are allowed to interact with students. So, kids, if you heard any of the following things in sex-ed, just FYI, they are completely false.

These 31 sex-ed teachers gave completely false information to students:


The reason Mom’s and Dad’s can have sex without a condom is because you can’t get aids or STD’s if you’re in love. I shit you not.


That it is impossible to pee with an erection. Of course it was a female teacher who told our class this.


That a vagina has some kind of tube inside it so when penetrating a vagina with a penis, the tube must be inserted into the penis-hole before insemination in order for her to get pregnant. It didnt make sense then either.


She said girls can’t cum. When a boy asked her to clarify he said “you just mean they can’t ejaculate right?” And she responded “yes also that but female orgasm is a myth.”