Posted on: Jan 03 2017

These 31 People Went To Jail And Lived To Text About It


Have you ever gotten drunk AF, accidentally lit something (or yourself) on fire, mooned a cop, and got thrown in the drunk tank for a night of shame and sleeping it off? Let’s hope not, but sh*t happens and sometimes you find yourself making that inevitable phone call from jail.

Let’s be real — going to jail sucks, but at least you know that you’ll get one (or two or three or five) incredibly unforgettable stories out of it. I mean, everyone loves hearing about that time you offered a cop a blow job, puked in the back of his car, and winked at the woman who took your fingerprints. #YOLO

So remember, kids — there’s definitely no such thing as a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. You pay for that sh*t in shame and legal fees.

These hilarious texts about getting locked up will make you feel a little better about your standing in the justice system: