Posted on: Oct 04 2017

35 Hilariously Awkward Celebrity Puberty Photos




There is a lot going on in this photo, that you may not know where to focus your attention. Should you focus on the super 90s posters that focus on 90210? Or the shirtless man? Or that both people have their eyes closed? NO, you should be focused on that little girl on the left — Amy f*cking Schumer.


Who is that beautiful yet nerdy little boy with the blazer, polka dot tie, and dope glasses? Why, it’s Nick Kroll, of course! You know him from the League, the Kroll Show, and more hilarious shows.


One of these things is not like the other. See, the guy on the left is kinda studly, while that kid on the right is a mega nerd. So, which one is Jimmy Kimmel? I bet you can figure it out.


Which famous Late Night host lived through this hella awkward #PuberMe phase? Why, t’was Stephen Colbert, of course! He definitely has moved on up to be the brilliant stud muffin he is today.


The bangs? The dress? The chair? Why, this photo has all the making of one of the most awkward puberty photos EVER. So who is the unlucky lady? It’s Monica Lewinsky. Famous for… you know.


Who is this chick with the awkward hair cut and weird head tilt? Why, it’s your favorite lady, Samantha Bee! Even this beautiful goddess isn’t immune to the power of awkward puberty school pictures.


OH LAWD. Who could this super nerdy kid be? Can you figure it out? It’s Patton Oswald! This picture is beyond nostalgic. Just look at that outfit and those bed sheets. SO. GOOD.