Posted on: Feb 28 2017

35 Of The Funniest Things People Said While Banging



Do you talk during sex? Well, you should ’cause it makes it hella hot. But if you talk during sex, you know there’s some risk involved. What if you can’t think of anything sexy? What if you say something stupid? Well, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

We’ve all been there – you are in the heat of the moment and something just slips out (words as well as certain appendages). You say something that makes ZERO sense, or it does but it’s just like “wtf?” So you and your partner either pretend it never happened or take the time to laugh about it.

Well, not only do people say weird sh*t accidentally, but some jokesters take the opportunity to say hilarious stuff while getting it on. They’ll quote Anchorman, Austin Powers, and Toy Story at the drop of a hat, and you’ll be letting out a laugh as well as an “oooohhhhhh”.

So if your partner says something weird or hilarious in bed, have a good laugh. ‘Cause without realizing it, you just had mind-blowing sex. Orgasms + giggles = BEST SEX EVER.

These 35 people said the most hilariously ridiculous things while banging: