Posted on: Oct 31 2017

31 Clever Break Room Notes


Image via Giphy

Ah, the company breakroom. It’s where employees find solace from a stressful workday, after dealing with clients all morning long while the boss has been breathing down your neck. Once lunchtime rolls around, you’re ready to unwind, have something to eat, and zone the f*ck out.

Or you can be bombarded by annoying coworkers and have no time to yourself. Where can you hide in the breakroom? Answer: nowhere. It’s a horrible fact, indeed. What are the ways that can help your awful breakroom experience feel like a sanctuary? Earbuds, for those podcasts you want to catch up on. Or just simply getting the f*ck out of there and finding a nice, quiet spot outside, away from everyone and everything.

But the funniest way to get through down time in the breakroom are the often passive aggressive notes that coworkers will leave each other. I know we’re all grown adults here but some times you’ve just got to laugh at the ridiculous notes that are left behind. How else are we going to get by throughout the stressful workday?

These 31 break room notes are ridiculously entertaining:


This play on words is clever but I still want chicken strips.


Why does this even need to be stated?


Take it from, Mr. Mackey. He knows the deal.


This is a surefire way to make sure no one touches your goods.


When the soap is taken, the ransom notes come out.