Posted on: Oct 31 2017

Dads Troll Their Babies With Cheerio Challenge


Let’s get one thing straight, dads are the ultimate pranksters. There must be some kind of secret class that they take before they have kids or the prankster gene is somewhere in their DNA. Whatever it is, they’ve always been the best at pulling all the jokes on their kids.

Once, I was playing with my baby cousin, who wasn’t even one at the time. My dad came over, put her foot in her mouth while she was lying down, and laughed out loud. I was appalled and asked him why he did that. His response: “What’s the matter? Babies are flexible and can do that easily. I used to put your foot in your mouth all the time when you were first born.” Ugh, thanks dad.

We are truly living in the ultimate dad joke generation, especially since dads can compete over the internet. What’s better than playing with food, babies, and eager dads that want first place in trolling? Nothing probably, especially for these dads and their kiddos.

These 25 dads trolled their babies in the Cheerio Challenge: