Posted on: Apr 14 2017

21 People Describe The Most Wildly Inappropriate Things They Witnessed At School



Ahh, school. The breeding ground for horny idiotic teens. Every high school has it’s own miscreants, deviants, and horn dogs. Really, it’s all the same people, just slightly different stories.

We’ve all heard tales of people finding secret places to bang or make out in school, and the people that smoke or drink in their car before class. But that is nowhere near the worst it can get.

Some people fool around during class, act like full-fledged skanks, and get expelled for idiotic things. Like seriously, I had some gross people in my school, but nothing at this level.

So if you’ve ever been in school with crazy mofos like these 21 people, let us know about it! The more tales of teenage idiots, the better we feel about ourselves.

These 21 people witnessed disgusting and inappropriate things in school: