Posted on: Dec 01 2017

Little Things You Can Do That Will Mesmerize The Opposite Sex



I find it extremely sexy when a man is fully clothed but soaking wet.


I’ll never understand how running a hand through some hair can look so goddamn sexy, but when a hot man with really good hair does it, it’s a kind of magic.


When a man can drive, like really has control of the road and is competent, it is phenomenal.


Nothing tops a female stepping out of her car into a puddle between 6:30pm and 7:15pm. Like, do they know how sexy they are?


Catching a guy at the moment he thinks no one is paying attention; you see his hand dip down then up under his shirt, wiggle around till it connects with his belly button. A few seconds, concentration flashes across his face, then, he pulls out his hand, his fingers grasping the trouser colored fluff and places it somewhere, maybe on his knee, maybe on the table. Doesn’t arouse me but weirdly mesmerizes me.