Posted on: May 15 2017

Omarashi Is One Of The Strangest Fetishes Out There



There are some weird fetishes out there in the world. Perhaps it’s because we all grow up differently and have our own set of interests, and our pasts have a lot to do with our present.

I’m not going to pretend I’m a psychiatrist and try to figure out why people have the insane fetishes that they do. This is just to shed some light on one that is particularly weird.

So that leads us to omarashi. Omarashi is a fetish subculture from Japan that seems to be present all around the world. This fetish entails holding one’s bladder and getting sexual pleasure from it, or being aroused by watching someone else with a full bladder.

Yeah… wtf is right. I mean, I guess to each their own but DAMN, that shit is wild. It’s not only weird, but unsafe. Bladders explode and you can get infections and potentially die.

The following people are really into holding their bladders for sexual reasons: