Posted on: Aug 12 2017

Most People Don’t Know These 27 Signs That A Relationship is Doomed




When you don’t want to spend time with them and you hardly ever see them to begin with.


I’ve heard the biggest marriage killer is resentment. If you build up resentment for your SO, you are constantly thinking the worst about the other person and one day you will see that your only way to happiness is to drop the relationship. The trick is to confront issues head on, talk a lot, do whatever you can to not build resentment. It is t always easy, and both partners need to be willing to work stuff out.


When even talking to them feels like work.


Not doing things together for pleasure/recreation. Sure, it’s normal to have some separate hobbies. Maybe one is into book clubs and the other is into gardening, and they do those things separately. But when you do absolutely NOTHING together except things which are obligations/work, the relationship is headed for the end.


Not talking about issues but letting them pile up inside.