Posted on: Nov 23 2017

These People Are The Epitome of Lazy



Image via ViralNova
Image via ViralNova

Ah, laziness. I am all about it. My greatest joys in life are laying in a bathtub with booze or laying in bed eating a cheese burger. My special place is where I am not moving yet filling myself up with noms and Netflix. Isn’t life grand!

But I proudly know (most of the time) where to draw the line. There is a point where laziness is just a tad pathetic, or irresponsible. And laziness is extra shitty when it affects other people, especially if it’s while you’re on the job.

And every once in a while someone is so incredibly lazy and pathetic, that it is downright amusing. Like, for instance, if someone is so lazy that they create a life-hack that encourages and enables their laziness. You might be slightly mortified by some of the following people, and their slight pathetic-ness. But to that, I say – these are the innovators our country needs!

Except some of these people downright suck. But hey, at least it’s amusing for us. So take a gander at these photos, and feel free to LOL.

These images prove just how lazy some people are: