Posted on: Jun 12 2017

21 People Confess What It’s Like To Recognize Someone You Know In A Porno



Masturbation is so freaking wonderful. Like…. dang. So what do you fap to? Pictures? Your imagination? The likely answer is porn.

Porn has gotten better and better over the years. With new technology comes better videos, and new people turn 18 every day. As we get older, they stay the same age.

But what would you do if you found a new porn to fap to and low and behold, it was someone you knew. Sure, a person you went to high school with back in the day is something you could get past, but what if it was a cousin, or even worse.. your parents.

Yeah, you should be scarred, because it’s happened before. Just ask these 21 people. They went about their life, willy nilly, and suddenly, everything changed. So be careful when you watch porn, because it may ruin your life.

These 21 people discovered someone they know in a porno: